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2018 Women's March San Diego | $20.18 and Change!

2018 Women's March San Diego | $20.18 and Change!

Community San Diego, CA 92113, United States
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  • Started January 1, 2018

    Created by Frances Carrillo

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    Women's March San Diego

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2018 Women's March San Diego | $20.18 and Change!
  • 1/10/2018 - Thanks to generous program sponsors we are close! Just need 250 more individuals to give at $20.18! Share and help all these wonderful volunteers!

    7 months ago
2018 Women's March San Diego | $20.18 and Change!


This January 20th we are marching in solidarity with women all across the globe! We look forward to a year of change in 2018.

We will again engage and empower our community to support human rights, access to healthcare, social and environmental justice, safety and economic security. This peaceful march will bring attention to the 2018 elections, augmenting and magnifying the work being done by community organizations to turn out the vote in2018.

Here’s where you can help! We have just days before our 2ndAnnual March, and you can help make this march a success!

We need 2,000 marchers to donate as little as $20.18


Thank you! We look forward to marching with you on January 20th as we once again unite to reaffirm our commitment to building a positive and just future. Find out more at or on Facebook (@womensmarchsandiego)
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