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A HEPA Filter for my Classroom.

A HEPA Filter for my Classroom.

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  • Started July 15, 2020

    Created by Joy Marshall

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A HEPA Filter for my Classroom.
  • Thanks to some digging around on Amazon and researching on the Internet I found that it would be cheaper to buy 2 filters that cover 500 sq ft each. School is starting soon so I used the money donated so far plus what I had socked into savings to go ahead and buy 2 HEPA filters. The total was $325.00 so if you would still like to donate to this cause I am very appreciative

    2 years ago
A HEPA Filter for my Classroom.

my name is Joy Marshall and I am a middle school choir teacher in a public school in Texas. I am beginning my 11th year teacher. Because of the coronavirus pandemic I am concerned that I may contract the virus and get sick, that my students may get sick and that my family (husband and son) may get sick.

Studies say that good ventilation is important for protecting people from the virus. Students will wear masks in my classes but I’d like to do more to protect them and to protect myself.

My classroom does not have windows and I am in need of a HEPA air filtering machine to help clean the air and keep my classroom virus free.

An Air filter powerful enough to clean the air in a classroom the size of mine is $495.00 on Amazon. I’m am trying to raise enough money to purchase an air filter for my classroom.

Any additional amounts raised will be used to buy replacement filters. If I raise enough to purchase 2 air filter machines I will give the extra one to the choir teacher at the high school where my son will be going each day.

Donations need to be revived before the first day of schools August 19, 2020.

Thank you so much for your donation and for helping me keep my students, my family and myself safe from coronavirus

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