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Awareness of Distracted Driving

Awareness of Distracted Driving

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  • Started August 13, 2019

    Created by tj hickey

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    Hands Free America

Awareness of Distracted Driving
Awareness of Distracted Driving

About 3 years ago my mother was coming home from the hospital with my sister. It was late and as she was driving up a road she has been on many times before her entire life changed. She was hit head on by a gentleman who was texting on his phone. He was at a total stop but seeing motion out of the corner of his eye her decided to floor it. He in turn spun and hit my mom crashing her drivers side of her van. Joey my mother was a EMT for almost twenty year's. After the accident and her foot being smash she decided to not be a victim but to be a survivor.

I am raising money to go to the charity to help other surviovors of distracted driving. All funds raised would be going into helping people with bills while they are hurt, food and any things else they possibly could need.

Ideally I am hoping to have at least 300$ raised by the end of the year if not sooner.

All the help you might be able to give would be so very much appreaceated. It is a wonderful charity and cause!

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