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Basic Needs /Vet Bill for Niko

Basic Needs /Vet Bill for Niko

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  • Started December 5, 2020

    Created by nancy gillingwater

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Basic Needs /Vet Bill for Niko
Basic Needs /Vet Bill for Niko

Please help our family if you can, we have had a very hard few months.

We almost lost our Niko ,due to a Urethra Blockage, and without funding he would have died, we had 90 minutes to find half of the funding, or they were recommending euthinaztion .

We came up with more than half, but still owe a large amount, plus his recent follow up was another $350 last month. We still at this point owe almost $600.00

Some say he is only a cat...No not to us, he is our child, and has lived with us in a tent when we lost our apartment, due to our landlord selling, after having a bb problem in his buildings. ...and having lost our last kitty due to cancer, at age 3, we were broken.

We are also in need of basics and some way to do our laundry, as it is piling up. We live in a very rural area of Maine and there is only a dollar general and an irving here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated during these tough times.

Praying for anyone suffering during this horrible pandemic and for those who have lost loved ones.

Thank you for considering.

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