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Bozeman Barracuda Swim Club Bulkhead

Bozeman Barracuda Swim Club Bulkhead

Sports Bozeman, MT 59771, United States
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  • Started April 8, 2017

    Created by Heather Shelden DeGraw

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    Bozeman Barracuda Swim Club

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Bozeman Barracuda Swim Club Bulkhead
Bozeman Barracuda Swim Club Bulkhead

Dear Bozeman Barracuda Families, Alumni, and Supporters,

We are excited to share that we are well on our way to raising the funds needed for a Removable Bulkhead (pool divider) for the Bozeman Swim Center. The Total cost of the project is $90,000. The City of Bozeman is extremely supportive of this initiative and has already committed $25,000 to this project for the current 2016/17 fiscal year. Additionally, we have raised $26,500 for this project and need your support to raise the remaining balance of $38,500 by the end of April 2017.

Please review the details and join us in supporting this amazing project for our swimmers and community!

Project Benefits and Timeline:

In collaboration with the Bozeman Swim Center, we are currently raising funds for the purchase of a removable bulkhead (pool divider) that will seasonally divide the 50 meter pool into two 25 yard pools. This process is standard practice in swim centers where olympic size pools are traditionally divided for the short course swim season of September through March.

The key benefits created by the removable bulkhead (pool divider) are:

  • Our swimmers will now be able to practice in the same length pool that they compete in at swim meets, which is 25 yards.
  • The shorter 25 yard format will be a major draw for hosting of championships and invitational swim meets for the Bozeman High School and competitive swim teams (Bozeman Barracudas, Bozeman Multisport Aquatics, and Bozeman Masters) during the September through March season.
  • Having more championship and invitational swim meets in Bozeman will result in substantial savings for our team families. The average cost for an out of town swim meet weekend is from $500 to $700 per family for lodging, food, and transportation.**
  • Additionally, the estimated economic impact to the Bozeman community for a weekend swim meet has been demonstrated to be in excess of $100,000 per swim meet** (includes hotels rooms, restaurant meals, fuel, and retails sales).


  • The Bulkhead will be purchased and built in May/June 2017 for installation at the end of August 2017 during the annual pool maintenance.

Bozeman Barracuda Swim Club is a 401(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible.


Bozeman Barracuda Board of Trustees

** Source: Economic impact studies of 2014 & 2015 swim meets held at Bozeman Swim Center

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