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Buda Brightside

Buda Brightside

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  • Started September 15, 2019

    Created by Griselda Galindo

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    Buda Brightside

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Buda Brightside

  • (Top) "Emily is so glad you sent her an activity packet. She has ben painting and playing with her colored bottles. THANK YOU!!" -Adele V.

    (Bottom) "Landon is using beans to help him with his math problems." -Lucinda C.


    (Above) J.C. Working on his Birdhouse! Let spring begin!

    Change can be difficult for us all, and with the new social distancing mandates in place we don't want our friends to feel lonely and isolated. We are working hard to provide at home structure and enrichment for our friends. Although we at Buda's Brightside are continuing our mission for friendship and inclusion, we are not being funded because of these new regulations. Would you help us help our community? Anything will help! Let not leave our friends out! #inclusioninside

    2 years ago
Buda Brightside

Brightside is a nonprofit aimed at empowering adults with disabilities through expended social experiences utilizing community inclusion, educational development and social enrichment to provide productive meaningful and happy life experiences.

Brightside consumers range in ages from 21 to 54 years of age; disabilities and cognitive functions vary by individual. Happiness is the goal for our nonprofit. Feeling of being a productive community member and instilling pride in our everyday activities is a means to finding joy in daily living. Members are collaborative and enjoy helping in the community, their families and each other. Friendships are formed and life long circles of support are created for the individuals and the families of our consumers.

Creating a dayhab that focuses on prevocational and vocational skills, life skills and personal care while maintaining an environment filled with fun and joy has a cost. Although every employee loves Buda Brightside consumers there is a cost to providing a location and all the associated costs to running a center; electricity, water, waste disposal, and office expenses. Other costs are basic supplies for activities and salaries for employees to keep everyone safe and a good ratio of employee to consumers; another large costs are the taxes.

I am the parent of one of these young adults with a disability. JC is my 27 year old son with Autism, mental retardation (cognitive disability), and limited speech. He is happy going to Buda Brightside dayhab. He watches movies with his friends, sings karaoke, does Yoga, goes bowling, visits local businesses, and creates products for the local farmers market. He takes pride in sharing his day with us; he anticipates the following day and has purpose. Before Buda Brightside we struggled in finding a place for him; he sat lonely at home without anywhere to go and limited interactions with only our family and those we shared with him. Funny, now we go to our local Wal-mart and he’s like a celebrity; many people know him that we don’t know. JC is very happy and I’m glad we found Buda Brightside.

The dayhab recently changed ownership and the new director wants to turn it into a nonprofit which they have taken steps to do so at state level. The next step is to do it at federal level and turn it into a 501c nonprofit. Please help me help them. Please donate to keeping a wonderful program for adults with disabilities open and available.

We are collecting $10,000 to help pay employee salary taxes, another $1,000 to pay to complete the process to become nonprofit as a 501c, another $2000 to help offset some of the utilities costs and the last $2,000 to help buy supplies for he many activities the consumers participate in.

Questions can be answered by Buda Brightside Director, Christina Trevino at or calling 512-781-5370 during business hours 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

No amount is too small and your sharing of our crowdfunding is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your donation and support.

Please visit our facebook page: Buda Brightside

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