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Charla's cancer funding

Charla's cancer funding

Medical KCMO, MO 64117, United States
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  • Started June 26, 2017

    Created by Daisy Mae

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    Charla Crowe

Charla's cancer funding
Charla's cancer funding

I'm trying to raise money to help my Mother, Charla, pay for her medical expenses and tripsto radiation. Shortly before Mothers day she was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer. They removed 85% of the tumor from her brain but could not take the rest out without causing permanent brain damage. She has been doing radiation treatments and taking the chemo pill but the closest location from her, is 2 hrs away. As of now, she still has 13 treatments to do and this money would help her get to those appointments.

She's unable to work, or drive a car even, in her condition. This woman is the best person i know, my mom, an amazing friend and grandma and she has never done wrong by anyone but cancer doesn't care how nice of a person you are.

Some of her medical costs are being taken care of (only a small portion is covered) but the natural herbs and alternative medicine she's using to help her keep an appetite, as well as her weight, is pretty costly.

Anything helps, please, if you can.

The doctors told her it is terminal, but there's a slim chance with the extra medical treatments ( that aren't covered) can help her have longer than what they've given her... which is only 15 months.

She currently lives in Elk city, Oklahoma and her treatments are in Oklahoma city. I live in Missouri and if all goes well, after we can cover her medical expenses, We would be using anything left over to get my daughter Adelaide and I, as well as my brother and sister, down to Oklahoma to see her.

This woman, my mother, is nothing short of amazing and has been dealt an awful hand. Any support Is very much appreciated and may God bless those who help her feel normal again.

If you'd like to know more about her, feel free to email me or her.

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