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Chronically Homeless Trans Woman Needs Help to Avoid Foreclosure!!

Chronically Homeless Trans Woman Needs Help to Avoid Foreclosure!!

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  • Started May 30, 2019

    Created by Sylo Cermak

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    Cassie Bee

Chronically Homeless Trans Woman Needs Help to Avoid Foreclosure!!
Chronically Homeless Trans Woman Needs Help to Avoid Foreclosure!!

Cassie is a 28 y/o disabled radical sober trans woman who, due to a verbal agreement gone wrong, is at risk of losing the small property she just bought with her life savings of a few thousand dollars. The single wooded acre she purchased could mean housing security for Cassie, who has been chronically homeless since she was 19. She hopes that this land could provide stability and refuge to other houseless gay and trans friends, as well as be a resource for other disabled gay and trans people to gain rural skills.

Those of us who know Cassie know that she is relentlessly kind and giving, often beyond her means, and constantly working to build a healthy community. She cares for everyone around her, is part of a radical herbalist collective working to start a free clinic and all-ages event space in Kingston, and hopes to start a sustainable biodynamic herb garden on the property to make medicine for her community. She has a slower longer-term project of having peer-based, street level harm reduction services for drug users and for sexual health. Without stable housing though, it’s been difficult to take care of herself enough to give as much as she wants to. Honestly it would behoove us all to just sponsor this bitch for life, but all she wants is a few grand to keep her little patch of land. We should give it to her.

Cassie gave her life savings to buy this land, and due to a broken verbal agreement with the seller, now owes a bunch of unexpected back taxes. If she doesn’t pay the town and Ulster County, the property will be foreclosed upon.

$3,764.05 for Ulster County taxes. The county says they will foreclose in October, but the amount owed will begin to raise incrementally beginning June 1st.

$788.71 - town taxes. These need to be paid by June first or else they will begin to occur interest and incur a 5% penalty.


Anything extra raised will go toward fixing Cassie’s trailer, which currently only has three walls and part of a floor (definitely not enough), getting tools and materials to fix up the place, and getting harm reduction resources to be redistributed among peers who also have high risk/high need. If we go over our goal, we will be transparent about where those funds are going and provide updates if people want them!

Any and all donations are appreciated, even just a few dollars. The amount she needs is small compared to what she can do for herself and others in having stable housing for the rest of her life.

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