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Climate Reality Training 279-29 June 2017

Climate Reality Training 279-29 June 2017

Community Bamenda Cameroon
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  • Started May 2, 2017

    Created by alex gwan

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Climate Reality Training 279-29 June 2017
Climate Reality Training 279-29 June 2017

I am Alexander Gwanvalla from Cameroon.I am a volunteer, secretary general of the Bamenda Red Cross.I have been accepted by the Climate Reality Corps to attend a training on climate change in Washington from 27-29 June 2017.Due to financial constraint , I can’t raise money to cater for my transportation from Cameroon to Washington and accommodation in Washington.I am hereby requesting assistance.

Climate change is one of the biggest thread to our world today. it affects us all and our resources -food,water,agriculture,health and transport system are all affected.Despite this we got climate change deniers.

Climate change deniers are on the increase in my community with ideas to impact the community ,mostly for selfish motives .Lack of knowledge about the effects of climate change in my community has got much question to raise and likely they have become prey to these climate deniers.

This has been the case with a inorganic fertilizer wholesalers/factory owners.This has got much impact on my community(North west Region – Cameroon) given the fact the inhabitants main occupation is agriculture .Notwithstanding, the polluted environment from various sources and the need to impact the community .

I, becoming a trained climate reality leader would impact my community to engage in the fight against climate change with the knowledge acquired from the training .The money raised will be used for my transportation to the Washington – United States( Cameroon to United States) and for my accommodation during the training.

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