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Disabled for Life - Hit by illegal alien while walking

Disabled for Life - Hit by illegal alien while walking

Accidents & Personal Crisis Vineland, NJ 08360, USA
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  • Started November 28, 2018

    Created by karen vest-workman

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Disabled for Life - Hit by illegal alien while walking
Disabled for Life - Hit by illegal alien while walking

My granddaughter, Misty Vest, gave birth to my great-granddaughter September 16, 2010. Misty ( 18 years old ) left the house when her baby was a few weeks old to start a life on her own. May 3, 2011, Misty was struck by a Ford Expedition while walking and crossing Delsea Dr (Rt 47 near Landis Ave) Vineland NJ. Misty ended up having a traumatic brain injury (TBI) broken neck, a broken back. Misty total breaks numbered 17. I give the man credit for staying and not leaving the scene but he was an illegal alien and did not have proper papers. Misty was in Cooper Trauma for several months. She was transferred to Magee in Philadelphia, where she spent several months. Misty did get to celebrate her daughters birthday because the nursing staff put together a party for her daughter turning one year old. Within a month or two Misty was transferred to a Rehab home in Cape May NJ. All this time for every new place she went I had to apply for Medicaid for each facility but the bills for the accident itself, I had to apply for NJPLIGA fund. This is a fund for severe accidents when you have no insurance. It provided payment for the helicopter ride and several other charges that are not covered by Medicaid. I had all the travel expenses, tolls, parking fees were paid out of pocket. She finally was able to come home in March 2012. Fast forward to 2018. Misty is now able to walk but not a normal walk. She fought very hard to get out of her wheelchair and after falling several times when she first came home she now has had only one serious fall in home and had a hairline fracture. I adopted my great-granddaughter since Misty will never be able to work for a living. I had her tested at Moss Rehab for her CORE strengthens and they determined she will never be able to handle a job with her TBI. I took early retirement September 2011 so I could take care of Misty, her daughter and my Aunt (passed July 2013). Misty will always have constant pain and arthritis. Medicaid does not cover a lot of stuff that she needs for day to day living. Misty only income is SSDI ($710 per month) and $194 in food stamps. There is not enough money to cover her expenses.

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