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Earth Day 2018 Fund

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  • Started November 28, 2017

    Created by Sandra Marshall

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    Earth Day Alliance, Inc.

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    Earth Day Alliance

Earth Day 2018 Fund

Earth Day Alliance (EDA) has been organizing an annual Earth Day event in SLO County since 1990.

As a nonprofit EDA relies on vendor fees and donations to put on each Earth Day event. The basic Earth Day budget in today's dollars has grown to $18,000. Event related expenses include: permits, insurance, tents, sound, stage, advertising, social media, music, maps, posters, phone, office and supplies,

The annual Earth Day Fair provides an opportunity to educate, motivate and move thousands of community members of all ages to take action to protect and preserve the earth for future generations.

The funds will be used to procure the location, alert the public, cover cost related to the event: tent, stage, sound, design and printing posters, Some expenses, such as venue rental, are due now others will require payment in February.

Your donation assures EDA that it is on the right track, that this event plays an important role in our community and that you are willing to invest in your community education too.

Most of our staff members are volunteers but without our paid part timers, who hold the fort down during the active months - January to May, we could not put on this event.

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