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Empower Kids

Empower Kids

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  • Started July 12, 2018

    Created by Sarah El Helou

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    Sarah El Helou

Empower Kids
Empower Kids

“To learn to read is to light a fire” — Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

My name is Sarah El Helou, 22 years old. I'm from Palestine, Gaza. I'm a writer and reading addict. As a young Palestinian woman who had witnessed three devastating wars, books were my form of salvation and still. They made me feel that we’re not alone. We have maps to help us on our journey in the form of stories, legends, and myths. Well-known stories help guide us through the dark forest and into a brighter world. And this was reason to create a humble program in which we can help, me and my friends, to teach kids to read books primarily to learn, grow, and feed their curiosities.

We founded, Reading Stars of Gaza, It's a literacy family based program, has been founded in 2017. It targets Children in Gaza to help them to become fluent and proficient readers. It gives children a head start with early reading skills—while unleashing their creativity and boosting their confidence. We are introducing and reinforcing core reading skills, in both English and Arabic, in engaging, self-paced interactive learning experiences personalized for each child. Our aim is to help kids become confident, successful readers—and develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime and giving kids the personal attention — and confidence — they need to thrive.

Kids are our future, with your generous help, we would continue helping others, expanding our activities and offering the materials and tools that are needed to make them feel safe, to be nourished and inspired, and to belong.

Please donate and help to create an educated generation of young Palestinians and life long readers.

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