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End Homeless Now

Community Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547, United States
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  • Started November 28, 2017

    Created by Sarah Yelverton

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    Okaloosa Walton Homeless Continuum of Care/Opportunity Inc.

End Homeless Now

This season we should be thankful that we have the capacity and support to maintain housing and basic life needs without assistance. 400 people in Okaloosa and Walton Counties need your help to end their homelessness quickly and for good. Homelessness is lonely, scary, and debilitating. Communities have accepted homelessness for far too long. Housing is the foundation for stability in anyone’s life and without it the rest of your life begins unraveling quickly. The loss of housing complicates and diminishes all other parts of your life. Homelessness deserves a crisis response because people living in homelessness are in crisis. Imagine yourself living outdoors without protection from the elements, no doors or locks to keep out crime, no access to a bathroom, shower, or laundry, and no bed to sleep in when you are sick or tired. Imagine the loneliness, loss of identity and dignity, the feeling of rejection, and a complete loss of hope and trust in your fellow community members that you would feel in this situation. You would feel traumatized and in crisis. You would expect an advocate to provide an immediate response and solution. Homelessness & Housing Alliance wants to provide that solution and immediate response. Housing is the solution to homelessness. Our organization is raising funds to eliminate homelessness with service-connected housing.

173 persons are currently seeking supportive housing through our organization and we will not give up until they are all stably housed. We will continue to provide support services after housing has been obtained in order to avoid recidivism. Unfortunately, most of their lives will deteriorate further while they wait for the funding and resources needed to stably house them. Due to a lack of funding it is taking too long for vulnerable households to be housed. Many of our clients need long-term and intensive housing assistance. Some only need light-touch case management and a small amount of financial assistance but the longer their crisis continues the more their needs grow. The impacts of homelessness touch every part of a households’ life. Health declines rapidly, belongings including vital documents are lost, stolen, or destroyed by the elements, employment becomes increasingly difficult without a phone or address, depression and anxiety set in, and then hopelessness and despair become a part of your daily life. It is impossible to function in the same capacity as a stably housed person when you are living in such conditions. These households are men, women, children, veterans, elderly, disabled, survivors of domestic violence, and unaccompanied youth. They are living in the shadows and waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. Help us be the light that leads them out of the dark and into a home. Help us make homelessness brief, rare, and non-recurring. HHA is thankful for your support and assistance in bringing awareness to this issue.

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