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Expenses around Covid recovery

Expenses around Covid recovery

Accidents & Personal Crisis Silver Spring, MD, USA
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  • Started April 1, 2020

    Created by Shaye Brown-Sidee

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Expenses around Covid recovery
Expenses around Covid recovery


First let me say I'd really appreciate any direct donations through PayPal or cashapp because they do not take any portion from the donation in that way. My link is shayenb and my cashapp is $imjustshayeing, venmo is #imjustshayeing.

As many of you know, I recently fell ill thanks to Influenza and Covid. You may also know that I'm a single mother of 5 amazing children. A lot of you have reached out and asked what my needs are individually and what our needs as a family are. Those that I can figure are listed below. I don't even really know how much all of this will cost me and honestly just picked a number. But ANY assistance you can offer for this fundraiser will be MUCH appreciated!

  1. As my illness is highly infectious and I have little children, little energy and am the only adult in our family, I need to hire cleaners to thoroughly clean AND disinfect our home. This is labor intensive, meticulous and necessary work to protect the children and also prevent infection in anyone who comes into our place to help us out in the coming weeks. Researchers still don't know how long this infection lives on surfaces or whether reinfection is possible. Imma tell you honestly, I do NOT have the stamina to try to fight off this stuff again!
  2. My therapist has kept me sane, focused and grounded throughout my illness and hospital stay. However, because I was already an admitted patient, my insurance won't cover her outside telehealth bill and my hospital bill simultaneously. I have to find a way to pay for these sessions so any help here is also appreciated.
  3. I have 5 children, that are home everyday that schools are closed, that have to eat. And, THEY EAT! I won't really have the stamina to cook all of those meals. I need to be able to pay for meal delivery services and takeout until I bounce back and can parent properly and feed my kids.
  4. My daughter is turning 18! And I'm in the hospital fighting to live. This whole thing is a mess. (It's one of the saddest parts of this for me.) We had planned a massive vacation for her that got cancelled because of the pandemic but I was able only to get travel credit. I just need a little money to do or buy something nice for her (I don't even know what, but having some money to figure that out would be helpful.)
  5. Finally, bills. Random bills don't stop because we catch a life-threatening virus. I'd like to not fall so far behind on everything that it'd be impossible to catch up!

Again, I appreciate ANYTHING you all can help with! I realize there are tough times ahead for lots of people. If you can't contribute financially, any in-kind help you could provide would be appreciated. My house will be under quarantine for approximately 27 days, I'm told (such a random number that I dont really understand.) But because of that, things that I would simply ask others to come help out with, have to be contracted to specialist who know how to deal with hazardous situations. I'm assuming our life will look like lots of food takeout/delivery and professional cleaners for a while. I can't really afford that on my own so thank y'all in advance for any help you can provide.

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