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Fixing a syrian church

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  • Started July 3, 2018

    Created by zakariya alouza

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    zakariya alouza

Fixing a syrian church

Hello everyone.

We have a small christan community here in this village in Syria. During the the start of the revolution ISIS terrorists occupied this village which caused a lot of the Christan minoritys to flea for there safety, consequently there house's were looted and some completely destroyed.

Just recently after ISIS was outstead from there village inhabitants started to return to the houses only to find out what they used to own was completely destroyed.

Even during this hard ship the people still want to move on and restart there lives.

The local church which used to be a gathering point for the entire village has been damaged and needs to be fixed in order to commence service once again.

So we are asking the Christan global community to assist us into repairing this church.

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