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Fleurish Charity

Fleurish Charity

Medical Lafayette, LA 70503, United States
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  • Started May 18, 2017

    Created by Blaine LaFleur

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    Fleurish Health

Fleurish Charity
Fleurish Charity

Every day, in our office, we come face to face with those patients who have been through the proverbial medical ringer. They have seen 3 different specialists and have scoured the internet looking for answers. Often times, those answers they seek lie just on the other side of comprehensive laboratory testing. Testing, that although precise and extremely educational for the patient and the practitioner assisting with their case, is often not covered by insurance. While we could take the long, tumultuous road of bashing the current American Healthcare model, we won't. Instead, we will just do something about it.

What we are seeking to do is raise capital to assist those patients that have serious health problems who can't afford the lab testing and supplementation in order to mitigate their root causes. You might ask, “But to what specific patient am I donating money towards?” Great question! We haven’t singled out a specific patient because not all potential patients want their health struggles or financial needs blasted on social media. This way, we can still assist and lend a hand to those, whose cases arise unexpectedly. For example, most gastrointestinal disease can be eliminated with proper stool testing, (i.e. gut flora and parasite diagnosis), and a specific probiotic or herbal supplementation regimen. Thyroid and adrenal issues can be reversed after properly pinpointing the root issue of the symptoms and putting out the fire that is causing the burn. Cardiovascular disease has more to do with underlying inflammation than it does with the Cholesterol testing that your insurance encourages you to run or the Statin drug they are pressuring you to take. Imagine that you or your parents have been doing exactly what their cardiologist has been telling them to eat, drink, and medicate themselves with, yet they still die of a heart attack. How is that possible? It happens every single day, and there is a ton of research and case studies to prove how with the right tests patients can steer their lives in a different direction. A $140 lipid particle count and inflammatory marker test could save someone’s life, but most have never heard of this test because their insurance doesn’t pay for it.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, although the options exist, the funding for the proper testing often does not. Some of us are lucky. We have a disposable hundred bucks to provide us with specific life-saving information. Most of the population don't have the same luxury, even though they want and need the important information.

Testing can run anywhere from $120 - upwards of $1000. More often than not, just one of those tests can give a patient a life-altering answer that no one has been able to provide to them in their past; not even their doctor. Every dollar counts. Want a healthier lifestyle and better America, overall? Then start by helping change the system.

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