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Get Gabe A Service Dog

Get Gabe A Service Dog

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  • Started April 23, 2017

    Created by Kelsi Adams

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Get Gabe A Service Dog
Get Gabe A Service Dog

My name is Kelsi and I want to tell you about Gabe. Gabe is a smart, energetic 31/2-year-old who see's the world and interacts with it differently. His biggest struggle is communication He has a vivid imagination but struggles to interact with others. The family has found an organization who can train a service dog who would be a protector and companion for kids, like Gabe, who lay somewhere on the Autism spectrum. The dog would help distract and stop him when he feels overwhelms and starts self harming. A guardian to keep him safe in crowds, help him stay calm and feel safe enough to sleep through the night.

This companion would see to his parents’ fears of him wandering away since he doesn’t understand strangers, and could alert them when he takes of running. With his dad being in the military and being gone often, he misses his "person" fiercely and it interrupts his emotional regulation immensely, especially his normal bedtime routine. They hope to make the dog part of his support system and at bedtime so the little guy can sleep easier. It would also help him to be able to have better days at school as well. When Dad is away, he really struggles to do even the normal everyday routines like getting dressed or buckling in his car seat.

They have tried everything else, daddy recorded teddy bears, weighted vests, Occupational Therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and currently have him enrolled in the best preschool in town under one of their developmentally delayed slots. But he continues to struggle in all areas. He needs another constant source of protection, safety, emotional support and love in his life that in with him 24/7. A service dog would do all of those things for him.

Please consider helping this family acquire a service dog who can anchor this beautiful boy and make life easier for everyone. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. I know they are uncomfortable asking for help, but this opportunity will have such a such huge impact on their son and the family as a whole. Living on a single military income means large expenses like this are hard to budget in. They are hoping to have the new service pup trained before July, which would mean they need to have it paid in full by the end of May. Thank you for helping. Together we can help change his life.

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