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Give God's Dad a vacation!

Give God's Dad a vacation!

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  • Started August 1, 2017

    Created by brian cmisenheimer

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Give God's Dad a vacation!
Give God's Dad a vacation!

Help us raise $15K to give God's dad a vacation! This sweet man recently lost his wife of over 40 years. Let's do something nice for him!

A father of the anonymous comedy writer, I runs the God page on Facebook recently lost my wife of over 20 years, on March18, 2017. I found out that the life insurance policy, which was to pay for the house and provide money to live, was unfortunately cancelled 4 months prior to her death due to lack of payment.

Man has suffered. A retired minister, he has spent his whole life trying to build up and help people, only to get the worst luck.

This sequence of events breaks my heart. I’m not sure why good people have to suffer such horrible circumstances, but I feel we should do something, or at least try.

With the death of a wife, who was the sole breadwinner, he now has no means of income to live.

Lets give him something he will never forget, a vacation of a lifetime!

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