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Griffany has a broken pelvis.

Griffany has a broken pelvis.

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  • Started May 9, 2017

    Created by tania balah

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Griffany has a broken pelvis.
Griffany has a broken pelvis.


Normally, I wouldn't ask strangers for money, but I'm in a bind, where time is of the essence! My little Chihuahua Mix, "Griffany" was hit by a car, and suffered a broken pelvis. I do work, but don't get paid for over another week. I'm afraid her injury will have started to heal incorrectly by then. It's already been about four days, but how can I go into any Vets office, empty-handed? She's being a real Trooper considering the pain she must be in...! If anyone can find it in their hearts to make any sized donation, it would mean the World to me! I think surgery is in the ballprark of $2000, but what I'm mainly asking for help with, is a down-payment, so she can at least start with the proceedure. If she doesn't receive medical attention, I can tell she'll never be able to walk right again.

Thank you so much for reading our story...

Tania and Griffany.

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