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Hang Time & Her Time- 'Community Support At Its Best!'

Hang Time & Her Time- 'Community Support At Its Best!'

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  • Started November 9, 2019

    Created by Hangtime Mission

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Hang Time & Her Time- 'Community Support At Its Best!'
Hang Time & Her Time- 'Community Support At Its Best!'

Hang Time is a true “grass roots” community organization created to support youth, young men and women of Bridgeport escape the cycle of violence and street life prevalent for decades and pervasive for those returning home from incarceration. Now in it’s fifth (5) year of operation, Hang Time continues to redefine measures of programmatic success with our “out of the box” approach. We are helping to redefine community support, proving that the gap in traditional research based and data driven metrics/results in programming and prison recidivism has not produced any sustainable change. These concepts used repeatedly across the country with the same results decade after decade.
With little to no advertising of the program Hang Time, we have supported and served over 400 residents of Bridgeport in the past four (4)years. We are that support network that isn’t mandated, yet individuals return week after week. We have grown simply through “word of mouth” and the trust built among those returning citizens most vulnerable and volatile as well as those seeking to leave the “street life” of the city. Simply put, we never overpromise. We provide continuous support and most importantly we follow through.

The success stories from Hang Time’s support system are increasing each week. As the program has grown we have expanded our unique brand of support to Waterbury, New Haven and Hartford. Our formula has proven to work consistently. Various veteran mental health professionals and group moderators from across Connecticut have attended Hang Time sessions and marvel at the overwhelming sense of openness, communication and often healing that occurs during the sessions. The program now offers quarterly computer classes, financial literacy and entrepreneurial classes, various certificate program training, academic scholarships for teens of families affected by incarceration and many other educational forums. These opportunities of enrichment are available in all four cities. In developing programs for the youth, men and women of Hang Time, we’ve discovered that many individuals of tumultuous social backgrounds have amazing raw talent for the arts. Many of our attendees have performed in plays, they also painted, sang, wrote poetry, music or “spokenword” while incarcerated. Upon release from prison there hasn’t been many spaces and programs that cultivates these individual’s gifts until now.

In November 2019, Hang Time will proudly present it’s first stage play in a series of arts and entertainment programs designed to allow victims of PTSD and other forms of mental health to hone in on their creative artistic skills. They will perform for audiences in Connecticut and beyond. The stage production titled “Her Time” will premiere at The Klein Memorial Theater in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The story follows a woman returning home from incarceration after serving 25 years for a crime her boyfriend committed. This production will blend professional seasoned actors with formerly incarcerated individuals. Together on stage they will tell the dramatic untold story facing 70% of American women returning from long term prison sentences to their communities. We intend to take the show on the road to the cities where Hang Time operates for greater exposure and educating communities.

(Director/Co-Writer, Steven Griffen & Executive Producer/Co-Writer, Charlie Grady of "Her Time" the play)

Art has proven to provide outlets of expression and hope for many people of all walks of life. Imagine the possibilities for individuals halted in their lives due to previous poor choices leading to incarceration. Then imagine if they were provided a space and a program that encouraged them to channel their energy and talents into the arts.

(Ladies of the Her Time play cast in character to rehearse the next scene)

Please help Hang Time to create additional new programs for many of our talented youth and adults seeking to better themselves and society through arts and entertainment!

Hang Time is supported solely through small grants and donations.

KindFund goal is: $10,000.00

Expenses include: Theater rental space, wardrobe, technical equipment, acting instructors, sets, sound equipment, make-up, transportation etc.

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