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Happy Hearts Home

Happy Hearts Home

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  • Started November 3, 2018

    Created by Melissa Thula Kadzirange

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    Ladies Circle Botswana - Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts Home
Happy Hearts Home

Dear Friends,

For the period 2017-2019, Ladies Circle International is supporting the “Happy Hearts” project in Botswana. The project seeks to raise funds to build an interim home for children afflicted by Childhood Cancer. The home would accommodate the children and their caregivers from throughout Botswana when they come to Gaborone for free treatment at the Oncology Centre. Ladies Circle Botswana has partnered with the Cancer Association of Botswana, an organisation that is dedicated to supporting and caring for the sufferers and survivors of cancer and they recognize the lack of such a facility for children in the country.


  • To offer a dignified home away from home accommodation for patients during their treatment period and avoid exposure to further side effects and risks.
  • To provide an alternative place that will help ease the financial and emotional challenges and the stress of logistics, allowing caregivers some peace of mind in order for them to render moral and emotional support to their children.
  • To provide an environment that will support and mitigate against psychosocial burns for the patient and caregivers and equip them with better copying skills.

After its completion, the plan is that the home will provide a range of services to address physical, psychological and social and educational needs with the support already pledged to the home by government and other organisations and public at large.

The cost of the project is approximately USD286,000.00 and although we have raised some amounts we need to raise USD 218,000.00 by 1 March 2019 so that we can meet the target of having the home built in 2019.

In order to ensure that we achieve this great plan, we have launched the Buy-A-Brick Campaign. For a minimum donation of Euro 2 we believe that if as many of our friends can contribute towards this cause then we should be able to present the home by end of the 2019 Circle year. All those who contribute to this campaign will have their names entered into the "Friends of Happy Hearts" register which will be kept at the Home. We plan to have a Happy Hearts Mass Tour for those who wish to come and see the fruits of their labour of love for the children of Botswana who have been challenged by this awful disease.

Should we raise a surplus it will be channeled towards furnishings and useful items to make the home a real home away from home for those who will find the privilege to get a fighting chance through this project.



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