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Help a disabled veteran fulfill a dream .

Help a disabled veteran fulfill a dream .

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  • Started March 30, 2019

    Created by stephen southard

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    stephen southard

Help a disabled veteran fulfill a dream .
Help a disabled veteran fulfill a dream .


My name is Stephen I'm a 50 year old disabled veteran. I have alot of medical issues from my injuries in service that have pretty much brought my life to a halt. I cant work and I'm locked in a battle with the VA to get the benefits I deserve. My injury sustained in the army over the years has increased to point that I live in misery each day. This is mentally debilitating as well. My psychologist says I need to get away and I agree. I would be happy to explain questions in detail about my situation. I started this to raise money for a trip. Yes a trip but this trip is a lifelong dream. And I know my bones grow weaker and my time grows shorter for this to ever happen in my lifetime. I can assure any donations will be used specifically for the purpose stated. I dont know if I wrote as people normally do in these type of things but I'm trying to get my point across. Aside from my medical injuries I suffer from Major Depressive disorder and PTSD. I ask people to consider being stuck in the same day after day of nothing but pain and depression because I dont make enough money to live barely making it. But this money would fulfill the dream of a veteran in crisis. Thank you all. I know there are loving caring people out there who want to give to legitimate causes and help people in this crazy mixed up world. If I'm able to raise this it would mean the world to a thankful veteran who lives a sad life and often feeling hopeless. Its 3 am trouble sleeping problems surrounding me always . Please help me fulfill this dream and God bless all!


Stephen Southard

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