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Help Amanda and Erik

Help Amanda and Erik

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  • Started February 2, 2019

    Created by tammy engelkens

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    Amanda Gilroy

Help Amanda and Erik
Help Amanda and Erik

My name is Tammy. Recently, my cousin Amanda's husband was injured in a wreck involving a motorcycle and a car. Erik was teeboned and thrown off his bike. He received a couple of injuries that will sadly keep him out of work for at least four months. He injured his back, and has two petty deep gashes in his foot. Amanda informed me to that a CT scan of the foot showed a fracture. As a result, he doesn't qualify for short disability from his job. Amanda needs help with food, gas for appointments, and therapy, and house old necessities if possible. Anything is appreciated as soon as possible, funds all falling fast. We thank God for all of you. God Bless you

Tammy Engelkens

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