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Help Attamah Achieve His Dream of Becoming a Lawyer

Help Attamah Achieve His Dream of Becoming a Lawyer

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  • Started December 25, 2018

    Created by Chijioke Attamah

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Help Attamah Achieve His Dream of Becoming a Lawyer
Help Attamah Achieve His Dream of Becoming a Lawyer

About the Fundraiser

My name is Chijioke Malachy Attamah. I am a Nigerian; resident in Nigeria. I am a student of Law in American University of Nigeria. I am from an economic disadvantaged family. I lost my parents at a very tender age, when I was in primary school and as a result of that I have had so many experiences – both the good and the ugly, which have contributed to making my life more historical.

Studying Law at American University of Nigeria

American University of Nigeria (AUN) is a private university and the first development university in Nigeria. Among the courses it offers is law which I am currently studying for a Degree. I am confident that studying law at American University of Nigeria will equip me with both knowledge and skills I need to make a good lawyer, but this can only be achieved with your generous support towards my education.

Below are picture of myself, co-students and lectures at AUN.

Below is a copy of my admission letter and the fees schedule.

Before I enrolled in American University of Nigeria for the Degree in Law, I studied at College for Legal Studies, Yola where I obtained a Diploma in Law in the year 2009. Between the year 2009 and 2016 when I got admission in AUN, I sought admission for a Degree in Law in Nigerian government universities but none of them gave me admission, even with the good result (upper credit) I made in the college. The reason for not giving me admission is not far away from the fact that I refused to offer a bribe to the admission officers, a practice that has become very common in our government universities in Nigeria, especially when one is applying to study professional courses such as Law, Medicine, and Pharmacy.



It has been my desire to study law because I believe my purpose in life is to serve humanity and I will get that fulfilled through my desired career in law. I hate seeing people facing challenges in life, especially when their rights are being violated. It gets me angry and I am passionate about helping those in such situations. I am motivated by helping people get their challenges solved or by helping them get their needs met; I always experience an inner fulfillment and motivation when I know I have helped.

Upon graduation I will set up a charity with a view to giving back to my society. The charity will focus on advocating for the needy in the society, especially those whose rights are violated but cannot afford the cost of seeking justice in the courts because of their disadvantaged economic and or educational backgrounds. We will engage credible and competent lawyers to demand justice for them. The charity will also engage in promoting human rights and educating the public on same through mass awareness campaigns and the use of digital media and other traditional media. I will want to use the knowledge and skills acquired in school to serve my society.


In my quest to contribute to making the society where I live better, I have volunteered in different capacities.

  • I have served as a voluntary teacher at Lengdo Primary School in Jada Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria from 2010 to 2014 where I taught pupils English Language. Attached is a copy of letter of recommendation issued to me in Lengdo Primary School alongside picture I snapped with the pupils.

  • During fall semester 2017 I volunteered as a teacher for AUN Feed and Read Programme, an initiative of American University of Nigeria designed to give literacy to some out of school children and those that were displaced as a result of Boko Haram insurgency in the Northeast, Nigeria. The teaching exercise took place on Mondays and Wednesdays, in the evening after my school hours, and I taught the pupils English Language. Attached are pictures I snapped with colleagues during the volunteering period.
  • Presently I am volunteering at ICT Republic, an ICT firm in Yola, Nigeria where I teach youths skills on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Saturdays. Attached are pictures I snapped with the youths during teaching sessions.
  • Also in the past, I led the youths of my community in a peaceful stage protest against the escalated electricity billing by Yola Electricity Distribution Company, an action that resulted into 30% reduction in monthly bills usually distributed to the community households as a tariff by the Company.
  • I also organize campaign rallies at the end of every month where we go to schools to create awareness and educate students on human rights. The idea behind this initiative is to take human rights awareness to the grassroots by educating students who will also educate other members of their communities. Attached are pictures I snapped with colleagues during the campaign rallies.
  • As part of my effort to seeing that things are done right in my society, in 2014 I wrote a memo to the Nigerian Inspector General of Police to complain over the incessant act of extortion his men (police officers) commit against innocent civilians in Nigeria. This is a link to the memo.


In AUN, there are two semesters (fall and spring) in an academic session and the total cost for tuition and accommodation for a session is Five Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine US Dollars ($5769). I will take care of my feeding and cost of buying books.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Tuition fee per session: $4,410
  • Accommodation per session: $1,359

Attached is a copy of the breakdown of the tuition fee in AUN.

The duration of studying law in AUN is five years just like other universities in Nigeria. I will be graduating in the year 2021 and this means that I will need Five Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine US Dollars ($5769) for each academic year.

I will be giving updates of my academic performance by posting my transcript at the end of every semester. Attached is a screenshot of my result for last semester. I believe I can do better if you can support me with your generous donations so I can fully concentrate on my studies.

Thank you in anticipation.

For further enquiries, I can be contacted via my e-mail on

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