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Help Cover M-PACT Start-up Costs

Help Cover M-PACT Start-up Costs

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  • Started May 2, 2019

    Created by Danelle Evangelho

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    M-PACT (Mental health Partners and Allies in the County of Tulare)

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Help Cover M-PACT Start-up Costs
Help Cover M-PACT Start-up Costs

M-PACT is a community led mental health activist organization focused on improving mental health care in Tulare County. Our mission is to educate, spread awareness and destroy stigma surrounding mental illness, as well as improve the quality of, and access to mental health treatment in our communities.

M-PACT is in the final stages of achieving 501(c)(3) (non-profit) status. In order to complete this process, we must now file for both State and Federal tax exemption. There are filing fees for both tax exemption forms, as well as fees for forms that have already been filed and approved. The total for these start-up costs and filing fees comes to approximately $350.

Once M-PACT is able to raise these funds and complete the process of achieving non-profit status, we can start applying for grants and larger donations to fund big projects like a Crisis Residential Treatment facility (CRT)! We can also use M-PACT funds to host fun community events to promote awareness and gain more community support!

We have set our fundraising goal at $500. Any funds raised in addition to $350 for start-up and filing fees will be used to create a petty cash fund for M-PACT. We can use petty cash for many things including printing advertisements, flyers and educational material, hosting public meetings, paying for use of meeting/event space, grant application fees and other general operating costs. (Donations will be tax deductible)

As a community led organization, we are completely reliant on donations to fund our success. Each donation, no matter the amount, is most deeply appreciated and will make a measurable difference in our ability to improve mental health care in Tulare County. Help us make an M-PACT!

*Note: Donors, please include contact info if you wish to receive a receipt for tax purposes.

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