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Help Elizabeth raise enough rent

Help Elizabeth raise enough rent

Accidents & Personal Crisis Vista, CA 92084, USA
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  • Started July 29, 2020

    Created by Elli Scott

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    Elli Scott

Help Elizabeth raise enough rent
Help Elizabeth raise enough rent

Thank you for reading my story

Everything was going great I I started a new job and a week later the covid-19 pandemic hit. Sadly I was told the position would be on hold for me but it's not looking too promising seeing as everything is closing down again.

A little about me:
I'm 29 I rent a place. Here in Vista California I was told since I don't have a job and if I don't get one in the next two weeks they will have to kick me out. Even though I have some money saved up for rent I'm still faced with being homeless because i cannot prove a steady income. Homelessness cannot be an option for me I've been homeless before and got myself out if it.
I'm racing the clock with this two weeks and if my job reopens.
Im asking anybody for help. This is pretty hard for me to right because normally people come ask me for help. I was raised to always pay it forward. I understand A LOT of people are having hards times and I'm taking a chance because it is okay to ask for help. And I am freaking out because the homeless lifestyle is something I wish on nobody.
I'm trying to keep this short and sweet. All donations I'm hopefully blessed with are more than appreciated.

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