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help get into place and safe

Help get into place and safe

Accidents & Personal Crisis San Bernardino, CA 92410, USA
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  • Started October 18, 2018

    Created by victoria brown

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    victoria brown

help get into place and safe
help get into place and safe

I was in a car accident and it left me unable to walk for nearly a year and in that time I lost it all no car no home and no more job I'm living from place to place whoever will let me stay on their couch pretty much and it a horrible feeling and to top it off learning to walk is not easy .I'm just trying to pick up the pieces of my broken life and get back into a place to call home make matters worse I just bought my car I only owned it for 15 mins,i really need some help I have physical therapy that I have to go to on a regular basis and getting there is really hard because I have to not only ask for a couch to sleep on I have to ask for a ride too.i really feel like I burden on people I don't have anyone left .things are so upsetting please help me

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