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Help getting are gas back on

Help getting are gas back on

Accidents & Personal Crisis Antioch, CA 94509, United States
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  • Started June 22, 2017

    Created by Angie Graham

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    Angie Graham

Help getting are gas back on
Help getting are gas back on

struggling single mother... i really need help paying my gas bill or we will be put out of Are home. I have two kids girl and Boy my son has ADHD. and has a hard time in school. He Go to therapy and A spacialty clinic. other doctors as well. we live in low income apartments. these last few months have been tough. i was almost evicted becouse i wasnt agreeing to pay 1250 dollars for my water heater that went out they say it was my fault becouse i turnd the temp up . long story short i dont want to loose my housing so i have make payments every month. After rent, kids need. Bus fare, and thing for the house . paying for damages i did not cause leave me broke. And Honestly the gas company made it easy. For me to keep missing payment. after sending out 48 hour notices more then once. It never got shut off. this went for for months. Honesrly the few extra dollars i had to spend on stuff the kids wanted. Not just what they needed Felt good.. then out of no were it gets turn off and they tell me They have to report it to cps. As the office hands me a ten day pay are quit notice. I am looking for work but only have 10 days to come up with $600...."Anything will help" all donation will go to the meter company. Please and thank u for taking the time to read this...angie

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