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Help Gregg family pay bill

Help Gregg family pay bill

Accidents & Personal Crisis Muncie, IN, United States
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  • Started June 27, 2017

    Created by robert shepherd

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    Veda Gregg

Help Gregg family pay bill
Help Gregg family pay bill

my name is Robert shepherd and I am on ssd I doing this for my mom

I am doing this for my mom she is 82 and had to move from last home seen this one it was cheap and talk to the owner he said it was all OK just a few miner thing

We found out that there is no heat and all the water pipes in the house was bad

Electrical wire is also bad

She has spent over 2000.00 dollars and still not done

The owner said she has to move and there just no money there to move

And she has to come up with 1000.00 dollars by end of month

The money will be used to pay rent and buy food

Need money by end of month

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