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Help Haiti

Help Haiti

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  • Started September 26, 2017

    Created by yoland victor

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Help Haiti
Help Haiti

My mother came to the United States when she was 17 years old, without her parents. She worked multiple jobs and still managed to finish high school and become a behavioral technician. She currently works as a behavioral technician along with another night job. I always questioned how she had so much endurance, and I realized it was from the strength her mother and culture gave her. When my grandmother was close to passing, she knew she wanted to be buried in Haiti, and that is where she peacefully resides now. My mother often gets me to donate my clothes to Haiti.

I never liked that certain countries developed better economically than others. It is a privilege to live in the United States, because I can see it's less of a struggle as it would have been if I were raised in Haiti, though I'd love to visit more than I do now. However, education is a right. I love my Haitian culture and I really desire to give back. In addition to their daily living struggles, natural disasters always take a greater toll on them than it would on me in Florida. Not to say that all people don't deserve help when faced with strife, but my home will always be Haiti, so I ask you to help me aid my fellow brothers and sisters. Anything you can donate would be very appreciated.

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