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Help me get a job! (Car request)

Help me get a job! (Car request)

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  • Started February 17, 2017

    Created by Eric Newcomb

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    Eric Newcomb

Help me get a job! (Car request)
Help me get a job! (Car request)

Hi! I'm Eric, and I need your help so I can start to help myself. See, I'm disabled, though you can't usually see it by looking at me. It's a combination thing, a spine injury and mental illness, specifically Major Depressive Disorder with PTSD. I'm in treatment and therapy for both, and I've come a long way. I can walk again, and I've learned to cope with my depression to some extent.

A little over a year ago, my marriage cam to an abrupt and unexpected end. I hadn't worked in years, we were both on very small monthly disability benefits, and hers was twice mine. When the marriage ended, I was left homeless, sleeping on my brother's living room floor, separated from my kids who had to go live with their grandmother. My credit, which I had rebuilt to a solid 720, was destroyed, because I could no longer afford to make payments on my credit card.

Now I'm renting a room. It's a step up, but only leaves me under $200 monthly. I need a job. More importantly, I want a job. The trouble is, I don't have a car and I'm seven miles from the nearest public transportation. Jobs are easy to find here, and my favorite jobs have both involved driving ... pizza delivery and cab driver. All three of the big three pizza chains are hiring drivers in my area, and I love the idea of Uber and Lyft. If I have a car, I can be working the day after it's titled and tagged.

So I'm asking you to help me raise $3500 so that I can buy a car and get a job. With a job, I can move to an apartment, where I can be with my kids again, rebuild my life and build a future. In return, I promise to make the best of the chance you're giving me, be eternally grateful and send you a copy of the album I keep threatening to record, if I ever make good on that threat. :)

Thank you so much. If you can't help, please spread the word. Every person who reads this gets us that much closer. Thank you for your help and your love.

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