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Help me get new teeth

Help me get new teeth

Medical Kannapolis, NC 28083, United States
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  • Started October 11, 2017

    Created by Cindy Krisp

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    Pam Filipski

Help me get new teeth
Help me get new teeth

I am currently trying to raise money for my friend Pam, so she is able to get teeth that she so desperately needs. A few months back she had had a nasty infection that caused her face to swell, and made her sick for a few weeks. When she went to the dentist he said she was a medical emergency, and removed 6 teeth in her upper mouth and still needs to have 5 more removed on the top and all but 4 on the bottom. He also told her that not to scare her, but that as bad as her teeth are they could kill her, and that's why he removed the 6 as quickly as he could. The money raised will go for her to get the rest of her teeth removed and get her the partial on the bottom and the full set of dentures on the top. You can imagine how embarrassed she is with all the teeth missing. She does not work and has been trying to get back into the working field but needless to say your teeth are the first thing people look at when you are talking to them, so none of her interviews have gone beyond the first interview. Please help me bring happiness back to my friend and a smile back on her face. Thank you all in advance for any help you can give her, she will truly appreciate it.

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