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Help me upgrade

Help me upgrade

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  • Started July 18, 2017

    Created by Tammy Hannah

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    Tammy Hannah

Help me upgrade
Help me upgrade

Hi everyone first I'd like to thank everyone that take the time to check this campaign out.

I'm raising money to help me in my business and for back to school. I'm 39 and working a sales business to provide for me and my girls. My oldest is going into high school in a months time. My youngest is 11 months old with ADHD. She is the reason I work from home. The daycare program in our town isn't staffed to handle a kid like her. She never stops moving, she has behavior issues, and has to be made to take a nap. If put in a crib and left she will not sleep she will pace and play then start screaming. Just picking a person off an ad to babysit isn't an option too many sitters are beating or forgetting kids for that. And as you can tell I have trouble getting and carrying a baby (14 year age difference).

These funds will help me to upgrade from working and school on a smartphone to an actual office where I can be more productive for my family. But these funds will help my oldest in school because here foreign language is online.

Thank you please consider helping us upgrade to be more productive. Blessing to you and yours

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