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Help Milo to Denver

Help Milo to Denver

Medical Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States
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  • Started July 25, 2017

    Created by Tiffany Phillips

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    Tiffany Phillips

Help Milo to Denver
Help Milo to Denver

My son Milo was accidentally ran over by a tractor on May 13 2017 and we were flight for life to Denver Colorado were he fought for his life for 3weeks. he had a claps lung and his kidney was cracked a his liver was split opened. He's a strong boy and he touches every life he comes in contact with. Bye the grace of God he saved my little boy and I thank him everyday. We were in the hospital for 8weeks and when we were released Milo said "Let's get the heck out of here" he's so smart and lovable. Milo needs to go back to Denver for his follow-up appointment and to have the stint removed from his liver. Please anything will help. God bless.

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