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Help Others Live Productive Lives

Help Others Live Productive Lives

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  • Started June 10, 2019

    Created by Alicia Sierra

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    The Barrett Group

Help Others Live Productive Lives
Help Others Live Productive Lives

Having a job you love is a wonderful thing. If you have one, congratulations! But our focus is on those senior managers who do not.

For the next 30 days (through July 9th) we will match your contribution of $100 (or more) toward career management services AND send you a little thank you (see below).

Here are 4 examples of the kinds of people we help find meaningful employment...

Displaced by Technology:

Stan worked diligently for years as an ignition systems engineer at a major automotive company until one day his company decided to switch a major portion of the R&D funding into electric vehicles. Suddenly, Stan's decades of experience were irrelevant and he was out on the street.

Reentering Civilian Life:

Nancy held a series of extremely important roles in the US Navy, ultimately coordinating vast joint-forces exercises in the western Pacific involving hundreds of ships and aircraft, not to mention thousands of troops. At the end of her last tour of duty, she suddenly faced a daunting return to civilian life where her skills and experience were not so easily transferable.

A Suspicion of Ageism:

David used to get offers several times a year due to his experience and skill in merchandising. Abruptly he found himself hearing "you're over qualified" more and more at the end of a job interview. He experimented with different salary requirements but discovered that it made no difference and David began to suspect that his issue had more to do with his age.

Restarting Her Work Life:

Beth was an HR Vice President for more than a decade before she took time off to bear two charming kids, a girl and a boy, whom she devotedly raised until they could start school and day care. Then she began to search for a new career opportunity only to find that those years of motherhood had become a barrier to how she was perceived as a professional.

The Barrett Group (TBG) has been helping professionals aspire to a better job that fits their changing personal requirements for 3 decades. We have a tried and true process that encompasses 5 stages:

  • Targeting
  • Packaging
  • Market Access
  • Preparation
  • On-boarding

With this process, TBG has an excellent track record, allowing clients to land a higher salaried, better job faster than they could on their own. 90% of our clients who follow the process find that dream job in a year or less.

The only issue is that many applicants such as those outlined here (real candidates) cannot afford the specialized team of experts required to support the accelerated career change program offered by TBG.

This is where you come in! If you are doing well now, why not pay it forward and help others realize their professional dreams, too? If you do, we will match your contribution and use the funds we raise to support worthy senior managers to effect their career aspirations! We will also report regularly on what has been raised, our matching funds (50/50 thru 7/9/19), and the progress of the clients we mutually subsidize.

And, as a Thank You, for your contribution of $100 or more, we will send you a thank you you can be proud of... Our Executive Jobs tea or coffee mug!

Help others find their professional feet and feel good about it!

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