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help preserve my sanity

Help preserve my sanity

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  • Started October 16, 2017

    Created by Susan Morse

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    Susan Morse

help preserve my sanity
help preserve my sanity

I need to replace my granddaughter's and bedding (mattress & boxspring). Right now both sit on the floor and are not in good shape.

I also have an IRS issue that comes just under &1000, and bills in arrears to about $1200. No matter what I plan each month something just doesn't get paid. Also my meds don't always get bought in favor of paying something else.

However those are almost tolerable but we also have to think about a new place to live of the landlord/owner decides to close the building. Right now we are the only tenants living here in a triple decker.I cannot imagine that at 75 I could become homeless.

We also have some things that need to be replaced or repaired.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have heard nothing from the owner so I can only guess as to when we need a new place.

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