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Help the animals

Help the animals

Medical Marion, IN
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  • Started December 25, 2016

    Created by Jennifer Stjohn

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    Jennifer Stjohn

Help the animals
Help the animals

Jon and I started doing our own little animal rescue the last few years ,We started off with our 1st Chihuahua and fell in love ,So far we've token in 4 Rescue Chihuahua's, As our family grows we need help with vet bills ,food, & toys We have a total of 9 dogs 3 puppies and 4 cats and 1 kitten as well as all the stray cats we have been feeding ,I'd like to get the stray cats spayed and neutered as well since last summer they've multiplied and a local neighbor is shooting them to depopulate ,This infuriates me to know end! Whether it's a dog or cat we find, or one that is dumped on our road, or one we get called about, we take them in. They usually aren't in great shape and in desperate need of vet care. We have to pay out of pocket ! we need to pay for these fur babies to get fully vetted (heartworm test, vaccines, fixed, flea/tick treatment, etc).But currently don't have the money to make sure all this happens! All and Any Help Would Go A Long Ways! We're Not Giving Up on these Babies, We're ALL They Got!!!

We've had a dog who'd just recently given birth, a kitty with an infection; a small Chihuahua dog thrown out in the cold to defend for itself, Several of the animals were tied up with a horrible flea & tick infestation; and a dog with gum disease & rotting teeth so bad,and foul breath among others.I spend ALL my time caring for and loving these animals, But some of the things they need require money I don't have , I groom them myself to cut back on $$

I'm setting up this fundraiser mainly to get bleu a much needed surgery: teeth pulled, and a deep clean. Bleu is a sweet, playful, loving chihuahua and he deserves to be pain free and to have a chance at a longer life! He needs this surgery ASAP and he also needs to be fixed ASAP, We have several that need fixed as well as cats in the area!
I am also hoping to continue the fundraising in order to try to help pay some of the vet bills we have been paying out of pocket for who needs vet assistance the most, We've directly rescued, vetted, & rehomed 5 dogs in the last 1.5 yes, We've also planned on assisting in rescuing more and rehoming them and we'd love to keep doing what we do, with your help!! Every little bit helps.

Bleu's dental is estimated around $600 to $700 but could EASILY snowball once the vet gets in there and starts working on it. His neuter will probably be around $100. We've already spent approximately $300 on basic vetting, blood work, & x-rays for him. We also have him on special food & antibiotics.We also have 3 other males that need neutered. That's just Bleu's Vet bills ,We also have 3 other male Chihuahua's than need neutered!

Typically, we need to spend anywhere from $100 -$300 on each dog That doesn't include food, bedding, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, bones, toys, etc. Like I said, anything will help! A Dogs love for his Human is Never ending, So Should The Humans Love for the dog!!

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