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Help with bills

Help with bills

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  • Started January 15, 2017

    Created by Cynthia Collins

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    Cynthia Collins

Help with bills
Help with bills

Frist of all I have never done anything like this before and hope I dont have to do again, but I need help with my bills this month because I had my purse stolen with my bill money and money orders to pay my rent and utilities. I was getting gas left my purse in car which I shouldn't have done thought my car doors was locked came back and it was gone stupid me I never been so upset I have a police report and police case number.

I'm on a fixed income I'm disabled from Diabetes having a stroke and some other health issues. I don't need much I have tried to get loans but have been turned down because of my credit. Please consider me and help if not God bless you and Thank you for your time. I need the money right away or no lights and no apartment and no food. Thank You!!!!

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