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Help with Lawyer's Retainers Fee

Help with Lawyer's Retainers Fee

Accidents & Personal Crisis San Francisco, CA 94131, United States
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  • Started June 27, 2017

    Created by Muriel Milne

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Help with Lawyer's Retainers Fee
Help with Lawyer's Retainers Fee

"Not another summer without my daughter" campaign was a great success and I thank you all. This is the Second Part of the same campaign.

I am fighting in a difficult divorce where I am the one with no money. I have been looking for a stable desk job but cannot land even the second interview and job itself. Where I live the competition is high and despite being always #1 I seem to not be #1 enough.

I have seen a new lawyer and I am in the process of filing a law suit in Small Claims at the Tribunal against the first lawyer who I realized never registered my case at the San Jose Superior Court and led me on the last 18 months making me believe that our case was "well ahead" and all "in order".

This new lawyer wants a retainer to take my case. I do not have the $ 3,000 let alone $ 10,000 that she is asking.

Kind.Fund is indeed cheaper than GoFundMe so I am using this platform again.

I saw my daughter during a school drama theatre end of May at her school. I had not seen her since December. I didn't see her long but it was good seeing her. I want to spend time with her, she is only 13 years old and she is still my sweet baby. She is a teenager hinged between wanting to be older and stay in her cocoon. We all went through that I understand it. Her father is not collaborating at all for me to see her and life is difficult without seeing your children.

I want to be strong and fight this custody but I need help, your help. It is hard to ask for help when we are all supposed to be Wonder Women and Super Men ! I don't claim being a Wonder Woman but I know I have always been a Wonder Mom, looking after my children 24/7, night and day, no vacation. Mother's dedication and involvement is denied and not recognized at all. We are though Masters of Many Trades : nutritionist, cook, baker, psychologist, pediatrician, pharmacist, spa attendant, nails salon assistant, secretary, researcher, artist, painter, mad scientist, teacher, professor, activist, publicist, ....

Thank you for your help.

Love You All

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