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Help with my expenses and bills

Help with my expenses and bills

Accidents & Personal Crisis Watertown, WI 53094, United States
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  • Started March 14, 2017

    Created by ronald maas

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    ronald maas

Help with my expenses and bills
Help with my expenses and bills

My name is Ronald Maas and I am seeking financial help to pay my medical and household bills which are accumulating very fast. I am suffering from a spine problem and have been off of work now for several months. I have some type of bubbles on my spine and Drs. have been trying to get it under control. I have been using all types of medication now already and nothing seems to be helping yet, The next step will be a series of painful injections into the area that is causing the problems. Surgery is out of the question due to me having asthma. They would have deflate the lungs for a while and that could be very hazardous to me.

I have already emptied all my accounts just to keep going and saving everything I have, including my house. All the money I would receive would go to paying my medical bills and my household bills, which some of them I am barely hanging on to right now including my house.

I nee financial help as fast as I can right now to be able to save my car, my house and some other things like heat and electric. My church cant or wont help, the county I live in cant help, so I am now turning to strangers to help who I hope have a good heart and will help.

I sure would appreciate all the help that I can get. I accept donations through this site and also through my home address which is as follows. Ronald Maas 1004 Willman Court Watertown, Wisconsin 53094-6739

I will accept cash, money orders, & checks also will accept major gift cards from places such as Walmart . Shell Gas . Kwik Trip. Mobile Gas , etc.

Please be kind and help me. I am very serious about this and whole heartily appreciate any thing yo can give.

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