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help with printing coast for7 Christian Books

Help with printing coast for7 Christian Books

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  • Started February 6, 2019

    Created by Gyndola Sweet

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    connecting the kingdom Magazine

help with printing coast for7 Christian Books
help with printing coast for7 Christian Books

I'm Gwen Sweet, founder of Connecting the Kingdom Ministry a full bodied ministry that wares many hats. I'm in need of help funding the printing cost of 7 Books " Demon's in the pulpit" "The King and His Kingdom" " War Intercessor and Power" Holy Spirit Who is He" "A Believers Journey through Pain" "Prophet Don't Run" we live in a world of hurting people even in the Church! these books were inspired by the Holy Spirit, as I hope to be a blessing in my circle of influence, I desire to share the Love of God and His Kingdom. these books are life changing, full of wisdom and knowledge that can only come from the Spirit of God. what has inspired me to pursue help in this manner was the death of my son. Bryan Lynn Sweet was murdered on January 01/01/2018, through prayer and trusting God that something good would come from the pain of loosing him; God gave me " A believers Journey through pain" this book show's how to forgive and how God will use the pain and disappointments in life for our good, Jeremiah 29:11 I can't achieve my goals of reaching the hurting and the lost without help through donations. sowing a gift of money in any amount will be greatly appreciated. my goal is to have all seven books in print by may 1st 2019, with your help I can achieve this goal, once again thanks for your support!

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