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Homeless family of 6

Homeless family of 6

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  • Started June 23, 2019

    Created by Melissa Coen

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    Melissa Coen

Homeless family of 6
Homeless family of 6

We are a family of 6 we are homeless and have been for a minute due to many reasons starting with the Clayton fire we are home was red tagged we moved into a motel which came to a point of the cost being to much so we moved to Oregon with hopes of a home lined up and we got there and the owner decided to rent the home out underneath us so it was another motel stay which the cost was greater and we need up moving back to California and stayed with family for a minute which we ended up being kicked out due to reasons that were unfortunately not right so we moved back to lake county looking for a trailer which once again fell threw so here we are camping as we have no where else to go and we are trying to stay afloat with paying campground fees 38 a night plus gas looking for work and food which is alot harder then being able to fill your fridge we live out of ice chests also Facebook pay

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