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HopeStead Transformation & Possibility for the Homeless

HopeStead Transformation & Possibility for the Homeless

Community Verona, PA 15147, United States
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  • Started November 2, 2017

    Created by kristin koltick

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HopeStead Transformation & Possibility for the Homeless
HopeStead Transformation & Possibility for the Homeless

My dear friends,

Allow me to share something with you that I am incredibly excited and inspired about.

When I was about 7 or 8, my dad took me to Washington, DC so that I could experience the history of our great nation. He taught me to be a Patriot and have great respect for those who've sacrificed for our freedoms. But he taught me another invaluable lesson while in our nation's capital; one of humanity.

Washington, DC has an overwhelming population of homeless persons. While there, my dad provided me with money to give to each homeless person that we encountered. I must admit that I was intimidated by them, their appearance and by their sadness. But my father forced me to interact with them, humanizing them for me. And as a small child, I really got that this was a problem and something I had the power to impact, even if only to provide a meal for a handful of people.

Years later, my dad took me to work with him and introduced me to a friend of his, Tony. Tony was a homeless man who lived on the Clemente bridge. Together, we gifted him some new winter items to help him keep warm. Beyond that, we had a conversation with him. My dad knew about this man's life, about his health and his family, and about how he had become homeless. I realized then, even more so, that this man and my dad had become genuine friends. I admired my dad for taking the time to be with Tony each day on his walk into work, while others simply passed him by. Again, I understood that we, as humans, had the power to love and accept and tolerate and impact the lives of others.

As I grew up and became an adult, my desire to connect and make a difference in the homeless community substantiated. I found myself sitting with and talking with homeless people whenever I came across them. I gave what I could, sometimes more. I felt called to make a difference, even if only to that one soul in that one moment, to let them know they've not been forgotten. That they exist and matter. Still, it never seemed enough to really cause a shift in the actual issue of homelessness. I wanted to somehow take a macro approach and reach this community in a fundamental way.

After traveling to Philadelphia 3 times this pat month and really getting present to the issue of homelessness, Brandon and I have decided to do something about it.

Brandon and I are taking on a HUGE project to make a positive impact in the homeless community here in Pittsburgh, and eventually in Philadelphia and beyond. We are taking steps to create our own non-profit and we have a really powerful vision for this organization that will not only provide resources to the homeless, but will also crate possibility and transformation for the community as a whole, working to eradicate homelessness at its systemic core.

In doing so, we are humbly asking for your prayers and support. We are seeking the funds necessary to legally file our 501c3 and acquire a building to provide the space we need to house, provide resources and empower homeless individuals in Pittsburgh. Our goal is to find a location by March of 2017, but finding that will take time, diligence and donations. Any and all contributions are received with our utmost gratitude and ferver towards this mission. As we move forward, we will share this journey with you with each step we take. Thank you from the bottom of our heads for your consideration in this endeavor.

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