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Housing for Puerto Rican families

Housing for Puerto Rican families

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  • Started July 6, 2018

    Created by Sarah Raskin

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    Lilly Sin Barreras

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Housing for Puerto Rican families
Housing for Puerto Rican families

We are desperate for your help. Thirty six families lost their homes in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria and are still unable to return. They have been living in Hartford in a hotel. But they are no longer eligible for help from FEMA. The state of Connecticut agreed to pay once FEMA ran out but those funds are gone now too. We must find housing for all of these families by the end of August.

Six families still have not found anywhere to live. They cannot go home--some because their homes have not been rebuilt, some because of family members with medical conditions that cannot be handled with the current medical facilities there. Many have found work here, but not enough to cover the cost of moving (security deposits, first and last month's rents, etc).

Lilly sin Barreras/Lilly without Barriers, a Puerto Rican woman, has worked to cook, support and advocate for families displaced by Hurricane Maria. Saint Anthony, Saint Patrick Church has been generous with hospitality. But she is running out of time.

Families need to be housed by the end of August. Lilly has proved over and over we as a community can remove barriers. She needs to raise about $28,000 to house six families. Some of them have physical disabilities and mental health challenges as well.

Please help. Any small donation will make a difference.

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