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Infusions that are needed

Infusions that are needed

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  • Started June 22, 2017

    Created by Vivian Yager

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    Vivian Yager

Infusions that are needed
Infusions that are needed
Hi my name is Vivian Yager I live in Anchorage Alaska. I've been here about 42 yrs. and loving it. I'm a single mom who is disabled on a fixed income. About 7 years ago I discovered I was ill all the time and couldn't even get out of bed.or.lift my head. I would become weak and dizzy. I would have panic attacks.because I didn't know what was going on with me. After wrong diagnosis my M.D Referred me to an immunologist. Who ran extensive tests for all types of diseases. I felt like a human Ginny pig. After 6 months of these tests he finally took a blood test or tetter? Anyways he discovered I had an immune systems disease called hypogammaglobulinanemia with cvic. Having to do with my blood cells not being made right. Or basically they are not doing what they are supposed to do. Which is fight off infection. So I started receiving ivig's every three weeks and this would be for the rest of my life. I have insurance but it doesn't cover all of the $14,000 that it costs every time. Some months I receive 2 of them. I can't afford to pay my copays and they have been stacking up. Plus all doctor visits, labs and prescription medications. It has ruined my credit and continues to do so each and every month adding on to the totàl. I'm about ready to loose my home because I just can't keep up with everything. All these bills. The past couple weeks the billing Dept out of Seattle has been calling wanting to know when I can give them money. I don't know. I know soon that they may want to discontinue the ivig's because of how much money I owe the hospital. Your donations is greatly needed and appreciated. I can't afford to live with costs anymore and I need help. I don't want to be refused because of my inability to pay. I need these infusions for a better life. Without them I could contract some sort of infection and die. I could die from the flu or a cold without these infusions. Please donate to my campaign to help my children have their mother for many more years to come. The Yager family appreciates your donations to this campaign. Thank you and God bless.
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