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Korye House

Korye House

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  • Started November 8, 2017

    Created by Claire Corkins

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Korye House
Korye House

Hi, my name is Simon Arthur. I live in a small village in Ghana called Cape Three Points. I am raising money for Korye House. Korye means "Unity" in the local language. Korye House is how I plan to help local children in the village who have no family and no homes. There are no programs to support orphans here- they are on their own, struggling to find a place to sleep and to get enough food to eat. They do not attend school because they cannot afford the school fees. My hope in starting this project is to see every orphan in the village with a place to call home and access to education.

There are two phases to this project. In the first phase the money we raise will be used to build a dormitory style house for these children to live in on land just outside the village my family has donated. We will dig a well to provide water, build composting toilets, showers, and an outside kitchen area to cook meals for the children. We hope to begin construction in January 2018.

When this first phase is completed I want to expand Korye House. This would include building some smaller single room houses for volunteers, planting a garden to grow fruits and vegetables, and providing the children with school uniforms and fees so they can attend the local primary school.

I was lucky to grow up surrounded by my family and I was able to attend Trinity Yard School, an NGO that provides two years of education after junior high school and vocational training. There is no secondary school in Cape Three Points. Through this I was able to pursue my passion, drumming and dancing. Even though I don't make a lot of money doing this, I want to give back to my community and help children who have no one else. Your donation will directly benefit the children of Cape Three Point. Thank You!

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