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Make every vote matter: pass the National Popular Vote Compact

Make every vote matter: pass the National Popular Vote Compact

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  • Started March 10, 2017

    Created by Jonathan Perloe

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Make every vote matter: pass the National Popular Vote Compact
Make every vote matter: pass the National Popular Vote Compact

Shouldn't the candidate who gets the most popular votes win?

National Popular Vote CT (NPVct) is a group of 20 citizen activists who have come together in a grassroots movement to urge the CT General Assembly to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, joining 11 other states whose legislatures have agreed to cast their electoral votes for the presidential candidate who gets the most popular votes in all 50 states. We are a nonpartisan group advocating for the application of a “one person one vote” philosophy to presidential elections.

We share in common the belief that everyone’s vote should matter equally, no matter where we live. And, the candidate elected to president should be the one who gets the most popular votes. Neither was true in the past election. Under the state winner-take-all method of awarding electoral votes, voters in Connecticut and other reliably blue or red states are ignored. Of nearly 400 events during the 2016 general election, 94% were in held in just 12 battleground states, only one was held in Connecticut.

NPVct has quickly grown to include more than 1,000 supporters from at least 50 towns across Connecticut. We are led by an all-volunteer Working Group of students, young professionals, working parents, and retirees. We have support from organizations like Daily Kos, MoveOn, The League of Women Voters of Connecticut, Action Together Connecticut and the National Popular Vote organization. We are getting the attention of lawmakers, turning out more than 100 advocates for a public hearing before the state legislature. Our activists have been profiled in papers in Greenwich, Westport and New Haven.

NPVct advocates testifying before the General Administration and Elections Committee

How your contributions will help
We are raising money to build awareness about the NPV Compact and to educate voters throughout Connecticut. This includes producing educational forums like we did at the Westport Country Playhouse, planning a statewide rally in New Haven on April 8 and producing banners, buttons, car magnets and postcards. With additional funding we can expand digital advertising on our Facebook page.

The NPV Compact has been considered by the CT General Assembly four times over the past eight years. A key reason it hasn't passed is there has not been a strong grassroots movement. Your contributions, of any amount, will boost the momentum we have generated so far to tell legislators there's a better way to elect the president. We'll keep you informed of our progress week by week.

Any funds we don't use will be contributed to the National Popular Vote organization, which has been providing us with invaluable support.

Learn more about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

This short, humorous video featuring Mo Rocca of Wait Wait Don't Tell me fame shows how absurd is our current method of electing the president. It also explains why the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would be a better, more fair way to elect the President.

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