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Need help with family crisis

Need help with family crisis

Accidents & Personal Crisis Theresa, NY 13691, United States
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  • Started January 12, 2018

    Created by robert johnson

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Need help with family crisis
Need help with family crisis

First off, the photo is of my living room ceiling. Recently, temperatures went back up causing snow and ice to melt. This had recently shown us that there is a leak in our roof. We cannot afford to fix this ourselves. I can push right through the ceiling as it feels exactly like a sponge. The entire area in the photo is leaking.

We need financial help to get this fixed before mold forms. My job had hit it's slowest since I've been with them and I'm only paid by the jobs I complete. I'm currently making between 20 and 50 dollars on a daily basis right now. My wife just started a part time job to help out which caused her to put her schooling on pause. We also have two children present and don't want them to be exposed to anything that may harm them.

If anyone is able to help, even if it's the minimum donation, we would really appreciate it.

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