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New Liver, New Life for Dianna

New Liver, New Life for Dianna

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  • Started September 22, 2017

    Created by Dianna Lambert

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    Dianna Lambert

New Liver, New Life for Dianna
New Liver, New Life for Dianna

my mother is Dianna Lambert ,one of the most giving ,loving,caring,and generous people you could ever meet. She is a very strong woman who raised 4 children 2 of which were not even hers but she worked hard as a single mother and raised us good. A few years ago she fell sick and required a surgery to fix a small hernia but something went terribly wrong and she came out of recovery 10 hours later cut from the chest to the hairline, during the surgery her bowels, liver, pancreas , and intestines were cut now she needs a new liver and to make it worse her breast doctor found a lump in her left breast last week but her medical coverage doesn't cover the expenses during and after the transplant such as living expenses, food, transportation etc because after a transplant you have to stay by the hospital for several months and my mother only lives on a fixed income. I've seen her give her last dime to people to try to help and I only wish I could take all this pain from her but I can't . I pray someone can find it in their heart to do what she would do

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