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Nick Glavin hospital bills

Nick Glavin hospital bills

Medical Salina, KS 67401, United States
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  • Started July 31, 2017

    Created by billie jo

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    Nick Glavin

Nick Glavin hospital bills
Nick Glavin hospital bills

Nick is diabetic, has nerve damage in feet, sleep apnea, and currently being treated for 3rd degree burns. He also recently had appendix taken out and also had to get a cath put in so he could pee as there was major blockage. Right now he has $18,000 in bills for Salina, not including the last 6 visits to er for the burns, and the current stay at Via Christi in Wichita where he is getting skin graphs done. He does not have insurance and is the only source of income our family has. Bills are piling up, I currently am looking for employment but with him needing constant care I have to be with him. He will have his job when he is healed but that could be months from now. Any and all help we can get is greatly appreciated. We just bought our first home together and things were looking up for us, then this happened. We are scared to death of loosing everything we have worked so hard to achieve. Please find it in your hearts to help us in this major time of need. We have put all of our stuff up for sale including our car because bills need paid and stuff is just stuff, bUT our home is important to us and would rather have an empty house than no house at all. Thank for taking time to read our story and hope you find it in your heart to help us out.

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